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Hello kind Sirs and Madames,

as i am modelling a Videoprojektor right now i can't get the process contributions in my Project-Report. Please see attached the Screenshot.

I am using openLCa 1.8, ReCiPe2016; ecoinvent 34 & a few GaBi Data Sets. I can see the Contributions in my Process Tree.

Am I missing something? The last time I worked with openLCA (1.5 Years from now) it did it automatically.

Thank you for your help. Please do not mind my bad wording as I am not a native speaker.


EDIT 17.06.2019

Screenshot Sankey

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This shows only the direct contributions of the processes, not the impacts of their supply chain, in contrast to the contribution tree. In the process results for the product system, you can inspect both process and supply chain contributions to elementary flow results, and of course also in the sankey diagram, there also for impact categories.

Can it be that for your processes the direct result is zero?

(no need to excuse your English I would say!)

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Good Morning Andreas,
yes indeed my direct results for the process is zero. I add a screenshot to my primary post.
I will extract the data out of sankey.

Is there a option to get direct results according to the input?

Thanks for your time in advance,