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Hi all, 

I have a question regarding the Excel export function. After calculation of my product system the results are shown in the software in the usual way (bar charts with top contributions). However, if I export it to excel and click on tap "Process Impact Contributions" it does not show the impacts of the processes I created. As said, within the software I can see the process contributions correctly. Is that a bug in the software or may I export it wrong?

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I guess the answer is both times no ;)

It is not a bug and you are not doing the export incorrectly - the excel sheet is not ordered by impact, and thus maybe the higher contributing processes that you miss are hidden in the screenshot? Or, could you post a picture with the "top contributor bar chart" and the corresponding columns in excel? As e.g.

(a bit small, but the top contribution in aquatic ecotoxicity is reported with the same amount in excel).

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