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I have downloaded the latest version of OpenLCA (v1.11) and the Zolca package for the PET vs PC water bottle case study example.

Everything works fine (Product systems analysis, etc) except for the Project Report generation. The report has all the numbers at zero (tables and graphs).

I did not change any of the preset parametrization.

Do you confirm the compatibility of this case study with the latest version of OpenLCA?
Would you have any suggestion where to look for a potential parameter to change?

I would not want this to happen with an actual project.



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Hello Jerome, thank you for the query. This is an issue unfortunately. The projects are not covered by the migration to openLCA 1.11. However, when you create a new project and add the product systems (which may have been created in previous versions) to it, it will work without any problems.

Try creating a new project for the PC water bottle in v1.11 and adding the existing product systems, you will see that it works just fine.

Reach out to us again if you have any further issues!
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As further explanation, the format of the report has changed, for that reason the migration does not work. "I would not want this to happen with an actual project" - sure and agreed (although it is probably possible to spot that the values in the new version are not the old ones).