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I was reading this presentation " Social and environmental impacts of a T shirt: A life cycle approach" (https://www.openlca.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Presentation_S-LCA_E-LCA_T-shirt.pdf) . And I was wondering what is call "scenario 3 : Fair T-shirt" ? Do you increase the salary ?  Do you have more information about this study ? 

Beacause, I try for an other study to increase the salary and so the working time decrease.  I was using the equation of the manual : workers hours=(unit labour costs [$/$])/(Mean hourly labour cost (per employee)[$/h]) and

unit labour costs=  (Compensation of employees (in USD per country-specific sector and year))/(Gross output (in USD per country-sector and year))<!--[endif]-->

And the only thing that I switch is "Mean hourly labour cost". In this case, the working time decrease but the risk hours for almost all category is bigger than with a unfair salary. Especially the indicator "Fair salary" increase.  Why ?

Thanks in advance  for your help.

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