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Hi there,

I have created a new child category under Locations to group all my locations under it. Then, I created a new location and trying to import a KML with my polygon (one polygon feature) to it. However, the KML is not added to my new location, but instead, it is created to an empty location outside my folder and without a name. I am using openLCA 1.10.2 at the moment.

I wonder if I am doing something wrong, any help please?

I am cutting and paste the location into my new folder, but the procedure is really tedious.

Thank you in advance

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You paste the KML into the text view of the editor? That should work, I just tested:

Taking an existing location..

..copying the KML code, creating a new location

and pasting there the KML code..

recreates the KML code.

You need to go to the "code view" of the location to copy and paste the KML (which you maybe know):

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Ah I see - no we do not have something like an inheritance for the locations (if that is what you are expecting?)