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1.ecoinvent 3.6 lcia  methods zip folder appearing empty during importation on version 1.10.1. its like the software cant recognise it. How do i go about importing these methods

2. Finally got access to the non oecd for ecoinvent 3.6 database. cant find predefined flows and processes for sludge and food waste on ecoinvent 3.6 database. Please understand that im still learning how to use the software myself and some of the things still dont understand well please bear with me
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Dear Ithatz,

1. you can navigate the file explorer one hierarchy level above the folder that contains the methods so that the software can recognize it.

2. if you are looking for processes for sludge and food waste, maybe check the process folder called 'E:Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities'. if you type 'sludge' in the search window, a number of flows and processes appears (not sure what type of sludge you are looking for). for food waste, you can find some processes and flows with the term 'biowaste'.
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thank you soo much Tim. You rock.. I appreciate all your hard work, I got the flows and processes. One more question, i am trying to compare different technologies such as anaerobic digestion,co digestion and incineration for the treatment of sludge and kitchen waste in terms of their environmental impacts.. WHERE or HOW in the software do I show  these technologies for comparison in order for the software to pick it up when generating results as per each technology/method? Looking forward to your response