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Hi, sorry to bother with ES1, I may change my mind and switch to another format, but the company where I am currently uses this format.

My global goal is to run calculations programmatically, without using the openLCA interface. I am currently testing if all informations about my processes to import can be specified through ES1, without any further manipulations to do in the interface, once the process is imported. And I found a problem :

The process I create has a system process (from Ecoinvent) as input : "diammonium phosphate production | phosphate fertiliser, as P2O5 | Cutoff, S". So in my ES1, I specified its quantitative reference ("phosphate fertiliser, as P2O5") as input of my process. But this is also the quantitative reference of more than 150 other processes. So in the provider column, I specified the provider I wanted. My goal would be to avoid this last manual operation.

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No, in EcoSpold1 it is not possible to specify a provider.