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I'm trying to import an Ecospold01 object into openLCA in plain Java, using olca modules from Github.

I succeded for almost all my exchanges, except in one case. In input, I have the following elementary flow, from Ecoinvent 3.4:

  • name: "Occupation annual crop"
  • category: "Resource"
  • subcategory: "Land"
The problem is that, in Ecoinvent 3.4, in Elementary flows > Resource > Land, there are two flows with that same name : "Occupation annual crop". Then, when I run the import, with handleProcessDataSet(), the mapping fails for my flow. I guess the core method here is getMappedFlow(), but I would like it to take one of the two corresponding flows.

Can you confirm the expected behaviour is : make the mapping fail if more than one corresponding flow ? If so, do you have any workaround or should I search a custom solution ?

Thank you very much in advance for an answer,
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I think there is not really a workaround except using a different format - EcoSpold1 does not understand IDs or UUIDs, so everything is identified by its name.