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Hello OpenLCa team

I’m working with the PEF dataset and OpenLCA 1.10.2 right now. I’m confused by the transportation process “Articulated lorry transport, Euro 3, Total weight <7.5 t (without fuel)”. In the description of the process it says that that the process is “without fuel”, but if you have a look on the inputs and outputs of the process you can see diesel as an input of the process. The amount of diesel that is consumed by the process depends on multiple parameters (utilization ratio, payload, driving share and others). If these parameters get changed the impacts of the process change with them.

But if diesel is already an input of the process, and the amount of it changes automatically with the cargo, distance and the parameters (utilization ratio, payload), what does then mean “without fuel”?

Do I have to add another input into this process?

Or do I only have to define the different parameters (utilization ratio, payload), distance and cargo of the process?

Why does the process say “without fuel” if it has clearly diesel as an input?

I hope you can help me.


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Hi, sorry for a late reply - you are right, this is the original name after a review, where it was found that fuel input was "forgotten" in this and similar processes, but later, fuel was added but the official name not changed. I see this is misleading and we will consider it in a next release.