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I would like to help the owners of a pub (based in Milan, Italy) to decrease the environmental impact of the waste they produce.

My intent is to make them buy the same food content (especially drinks) by choosing the products with the most sustainable packaging.

they gave me the list of products they buy, with some alternatives for each food content type.

    packaging content     recycling simbol volume (l)

    bottle tonic water triangle PETE 1 0.10

    bottle lemon soda triangle PETE 2 0.10

    bottle coca cola triangle PETE 3 0.20

    bottle coca cola triangle PETE 4 0.15

    tin     fanta     Exagon ALU     0.033

    tin     coca cola Trangle ALU 41 0.034

    tin     lemon soda Exagon ALU     0.035

    tin     chinotto circle ALU     0.036

Based on this data, how could I set up the analysis?

What's the best way to estimate what is the impact of a packaging on the recycling system of my town, and on  the environment?
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