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I am trying to export detailed LCIA results to excel, but if I do it through File>Export>Excel I can only get all the outputs of the product-system sorted alphabetically. I want to get the IPCC 2013 GWP(100a) contributions, with amounts in the original unit and results in kgCO2-eq, as shown here:

Can this be done? I was trying to copy/paste but does not work either.




I cannot copy/paste using right-click, only open individual flows (see below). I am working in openLCA 1.9.0 on Windows 10.


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You can simply mark the lines in the result table you show (or the entire sheet, in windows with ctrl+a), then right-click, copy, then paste this to excel or a text editor.

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Thanks for the clarification. I checked again the openLCIA 2.1 methods pack, apparently I had not imported it properly (EF v3 was missing, among others). Now it works fine, I can apply EF v3 to Ecoinvent in openLCA 10.3, but I still cannot copy the Impact Analysis results with the right-click - only the "Open" option showing up.