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I am facing some problem with allocation. I am trying to do economic allocation for two product lanolin and clean wool. Economic allocation factor for lanolin is 0.1635 and for clean wool is 0.8365. I am trying to put this value manually under the tab Economic, but its not work. I got the default economic value for lanolin 0.60 and clean wool 0.39986. But I need to allocate them for lanolin 0.1635 and for clean wool 0.8365. please advise me what is the procedure.
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Can anyone advise me how to do economic allocation in Open LCA.

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Hi, economic and physical allocation factors are not meant to be entered manually but they are meant to be calculated, economic factors from prices; either enter prices as economic flow property for a flow (which is then used for all processes where the flow appears), or enter costs and prices in the process inputs/outputs sheet; these prices are then used only in this process, and they are used even if prices for the flow (entered with the first approach) exist.
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