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Previously I worked with Open LCA 1.4 version in my laptop, now I installed openLCA 1.8 in my new desktop. I am trying to install ecoinvent database (that I worked in my 1.4 version) in 1.8 version. How can I load this zolka file (from 1.4 version) in my 1.8 version. Please let me know.
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I've updated my answer.

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To avoid this type of problem, it is always recommended to use the latest version of openLCA. I think openLCA 1.8 is backwards compatible down to version 1.6 (not a hundred percent sure though). So what you have to do is to download previous versions of openLCA (https://sourceforge.net/projects/openlca/files/openlca_framework/) and open your databases which you wish to use in openLCA 1.8 with these versions and do the update incrementally. Maybe openLCA 1.6 and then 1.8 is enough but you may even have to do more intermediate steps. Make sure to backup your databases before upgrading the database scheme. We haven't had any reports about errors but still, it is always safer to keep backups (always e.g. in your Dropbox/Gdrive). I hope this helps.


UPDATE: I have been informed that you should be able to directly update a 1.4 database to 1.8 so you might just try that without the incremental steps in-between. Still, backups of important data never harm.
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Hi Jonas. Do I read this right that it means we could buy a dataset from nexus that is labelled for OLCA 1.4/1.5 and use it in 1.8? Specifically, I'm looking at the LC-inventories ones. That would be a really useful thing. Thanks :)