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Hi, I'm Enrica.

I've started working in openLCA for modeling the LCA of recycled materials from demolition processes. I've checked how to deal with the waste modeling in OpenLCA 1.10 based on Ecoinvent. However, it is not so clear to me how to model a specific recycling process, as in my case. Is it correct if i consider the "waste materials" as inputs and the "new materials" as outputs, based on a mass balance calculation? Moreover, the fact that in my inputs the "waste materials" are not linked to any provider due to the fact that they are free of environmental impacts "charged" by the processes that produced them is it right?

Then, i was wondering how to take into account the avoided impact due to the second life of these materials; Is it possible and how to consider this aspect in the same LCA or the comparison between scenarios is the valid option?

I'm sorry for all these questions smiley.

Thank you in advance,

Enrica Santolini

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