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I am currently working on a paper bag production manufacturing process and in the end when I want to assess the impact I can not see any impact of waste that I inserted as an output (paper waste) only the impact of outputs is included. Can someone explain how to include the paper waste that is considered as an output in the impact assessment results?

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It sounds like you created a waste flow for your waste? It does not appear that any of your impact categories would track the physical quantity of waste. If you want to understand the emissions that might result from handling or processing that waste flow you'll need to add or create a new process to handle that waste flow (e.g. incineration).
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Thank you for your answer! No, I did not create a waste flow for the waste, the waste appears in the paper bag production when the 'window' for the bag is cut, then the small amount of paper is being thrown away. But I guess that it is necessary to evaluate the impact, no?