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When I try to import a USLCI database into openLCA, an error message says: "An internal error occurred, JSON import failed, See the log file (under help) for further information." Please let me know what I need to do to import this database.

Before this happened, I downloaded (but did not unzip) a zip file containing a USLCI database and saved it to my computer. I then created a new database in the openLCA navigation pane called "USLCI." I double-clicked the new database to ensure it was open, and right-clicked it and selected "Import." In the "Select an import wizard" menu, I selected "Linked Data (JSON-LD)" and clicked "Next." I then selected the zip file and clicked "Finish." I then saw the error message described above.

I have linked below a screenshot of the log file.

Please let me know what to do.

screenshot of log error

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I am not sure I understand the headline, and we needed to remove the link in your question. Post the log file as a picture or text please, thank you. Otherwise, the USLCI database is also available on Nexus.