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I have a CD with the ecoinvent 2.1 database and would like to import it to OpenLCA.The CD contains a collection of xml files organized as:

  • multioutputrawdata.zip with a lot of xml files. File names are numbers only.
  • unitprocessrawdata.zip with a lot of xml files. File names are numbers only.
  • And a few free xml files about Waste Treatment. File names actually show the name of the process.

I've tried importing as EcoSpold 1 but it requests a mapping file that I don't know where to get from.

I'm not a super techie person... could you help me with step-by-step instructions please?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, pwiche,

wow - the CD should contain EcoSpold1 files. The unit process archive probably the allocated unit processes.The mapping asks for a mapping of units, it is not too difficult to make. If you want, we can support you of course.

best wishes,

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Dear Andreas,
thank you for your answer! Some help would come in really handy.
How is the mapping file built? What do I need to do?
Thanks in advance!
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Dear Andreas and OpenLCA team,

I found the mapping file but it is in xls and has 6 sheets. I know how to turn an xls to a csv (what is required by the software) but I am unsure as to the structure the CSV should have. How do I join the six sheets? Are they all necessary?

Thanks in advance for your answer.