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Hello, with this question i wanna know if is there a procedure to import the ecoinvent database, purchased via OpenLCA Nexus. I want to know if I have to ocreate a different database for every different zolca provided by Nexus, or whatever.

Thank you
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As in previous ecoinvent 3 versions, six data packs generated by the ecoinvent Centre from the undefined ecoinvent database are provided containing the three different system models, all as unit and aggregated (system) processes:

  • Allocation, allocation at the point of substitution2 (unit and system3 processes)
  • Allocation, cut-off by classification (unit and system processes)
  • Consequential long-term (unit and system processes)

In addition, access to older versions of the ecoinvent database is also provided when purchasing ecoinvent v.3.4 in openLCA Nexus.
All the different data packs can be used as independent databases in openLCA or combined together, if necessary4. Moreover, a combined package for unit and system processes with LCIA method pack is available as well.
Ecoinvent v.3.4 is implemented for openLCA 1.6.3. As with the previous release of ecoinvent in openLCA, the number of product flows is reduced since openLCA allows the same product to appear several times in input or output of a process data set. Consequently, there is only one product flow needed for electricity (of a certain voltage) for example. With the providing process.

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Thanks for being active on ask.openLCA. Please state your sources though if you use text from documentation files from openLCA nexus and do not refer to external websites of which the content is not directly related to your answer.
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Hi Nicole, there are different ways e.g.

1) Download the ZOLCA file from openLCA nexus

2) Right click into the navigation bar and click on restore database

3) Select the respective ZOLCA file and click on open/import

You don't have to create a different a different database for each ZOLCA file as you can keep different databases in openLCA:

Does it work?

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Hi Nicole, yes, each time you 'restore' a databse you will get a 'new' database in the navigation window. And also the second point is correct. Does this help: https://ask.openlca.org/607/how-do-i-import-a-database-or-datasets-into-openlca?show=608#a608 please comment if not.