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I purchased the ecoinvent database from OpenLCA nexus and downloaded V3.4- Cut-off approach. There are three files for this approach:

(1) ecoinvent_34_cutoff_lci_20180314

(2) ecoinvent_34_cutoff_lci_up_lcia_20180314

(3) ecoinvent_34_cutoff_unit_20180314

However, when I try to upload these files, only the last one of these gets successfully uploaded. When I try to upload the other two, I always get the message: "Database Import Failed".

Could you please tell me what I could be doing wrong? and what those first two files contain, that is not a part of the third database that does get uploaded successfully.

Please help!

Thanks in advance,

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Dear Sarat,

not fully sure I understand

when I try to upload these files

The zolca files are database packs, just restore them in openLCA (right-click in the navigation area, restore database), or import one of these databases into another that you have already created, by file / import / import entire database.