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short question, if I specify elementary flows in a process input or output, they are not at results. How do I see their effects? (as with the product flows) or how do I see that they are included at all
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Hi Yasemin, you see the elementary flows (i.e., ressources and emissions) in the inventory result. so, in the picture, from the inventory results page in the analysis results, Borax, as resource, is an elementary flow. You also see which processes need this resource in your system.

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First of all, thank you very much for the quick and efficient answer!
What if the elementar flow is not included in my inventory results?
As an example I use the impact category CML (baseline) and the elementary flow Coolant, which is probably from another database..
In general, how do I see which elementary flows are contained in which impact category? And how can I implement them in an impact category ?
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Hi, I would like to follow up on this question. Is there an answer?
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Hm, there are three questions - if the elementary flow is not part of the result, then it is not part of any process or not shown since it is exactly the same amount in input and output of the calculation (which is really rare); you can see in the LCIA method (and also in the LCIA checks in the process) which flows are contained in the LCIA category. You can add those that you think need to be added in the LCIA method.
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Thanks a lot for your quick answer.
I found where I can see the flows in the LCIA method and how to add flows from other databases, which is a good start.
However, I am still not sure why in the CML-IA baseline I can see such a small variety of flows (probably only from the 'Elementary Flows' folder), while it is supposed to be used to assess data from all free databases from Nexus
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Well, normally LCIA methods are only meant to address elementary flows, therefore you will typically find only elementary flows in methods.
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Ok, so that complicates stuff a bit -
How do I address product flows that I got from imported databases (i.e AGRIBALYSE )?

Thanks again