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Hi everybody,

I am new here, I started recently with OpenLCA and I tried to calculate without success the environmental impact of the transport process flow of a product of 70 kg from Vietnam to Spain.

Does anybody knows how to do this calculation with OpenLCA?

Thank you very much!
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Welcome - well you can either model a system that only contains transport effort (70 kg, you need to decide the way the product is transported, or a combination of several means of transport), or you can model a full system and in the process contribution or in the grouping in openLCA select only transport processes.

Hth, Andreas
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Hi @Andreas Ciroth,

Do you know any good database for transport?
I have downloaded ELCD 3.2 but the results must be wrong.

In the model graph, there is a container glass entry flow, I really don't know what is it?, either where to input the km, it only let me set the kg of mass I want to transport.

Do you know what am I doing wrong?

Please find attached the screenshot with the process

Thank you!