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Hello openLCA team,

After running the Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis using logarithmic normal distribution, some of the impact categories produce negative results which don't match the base results. The waste flows are assigned a negative geometric mean, which I assume to be the problem. Is there a way to correct this issue without changing all values manually?
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Hi, I came across the same issue across some categories. For example, running a monte carlo simulation for market for electricity ecoinvent processes gives me mainly negative results in ionising radiation, non cancer human health, cancer human health, water scarcity, and freshwater eutrophication (from the EF methods package). Thank you for your future answer

Edit: actually, even with a negative geometric mean, we should not be getting negative results: https://www.ecoinvent.org/files/uploads/23X7lQHIK6fx.docx

So what is the problem?

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