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I downloaded the nexus from the LCIA methods package v2.0.5, which includes the following LCIA methodologies:

• AWARE (flow-based)


• Cumulative Energy Demand

• eco-indicator 99

• Ecological Scarcity 2013

• Ecosystem Damage Potential

• Environmental Footprint method

• ILCD Midpoint +

• ReCiPe


• USETox

When I imported into OpenLCA I noticed that there was no LCIA Environmental Footprint method.

Do you know any information about this update?

Thank you,

Patrícia Costa
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Dear Patricia,

it is now called EF Method (adapted)
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Ok thank you very much.
What about EF converter to EF 2.0 - EF 3.0, do you know how it works?
What do I need to do?