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Ive used OpenLCA (now V 10.2) for some years. Was performing a LCA on a system and doing  a montecarlo analysis- adjusted a lot of my uncertainties to normal distribution. Since then or coincidentally i can add a flow- but the provider drop down is empty. Tried downloading openLCA v 10.3 and creating a whole new dataset with Ecoinvent 3.7 but still have no providers on my flows. What on earth have i done>? help?
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So- I realise this is either a hardware or software issue- You can actually see the providers if you click very carefully at a very specific part just below the arrow. The drop down for reports etc is absolutely normal. This probably doesn't need an answer
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Thank you for solving your own question, but could you post a picture? Just edit your answer, or question, ideally with some additional information (screen resolution, settings, Mac or Windows..) - then we could try to replicate the issue. Thank you!