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I have the licence for Eugeos v4.1 in the zolca format. Is Eugeos also available as Ecospold02 format? or is is possible to export it through OpenLCA in Ecospold02?

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True, we do not support the EcoSpold 2 export, because ecoinvent changed the own implementation in the ecoeditor, e.g. by changing enumerations, and these changes are not documented publicly, and I am not aware of other software systems that use the format. Maybe you can explain your use case, thank you?

(yes, ecoinvent says they didn't change the format but only implemented a dialect of the format, but this is maybe a bit into semantics)
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Thank you for the answer.

I need to run dynamic LCA on Brightway2, but I need to use the en15804 impact assessment method. Brightway recognise only ecospold02 files apparently.

 It is clear I cannot export the my model from openLca to brightway, but I was looking for a way to import the impact assessment on Brightway2.