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I am using openlca with ecoinvent V3.5.

The ecoinvent processes are defined for a certain amount of input and output (inventory). For example, the following process:

 electricity production, (photovoltaic)

I would like to calculate the impacts of  producing 10 KWh electricity. However, the inventory of the pre-defined process is for producing 1 KWh electricity (the functional unit).

Is there any way to calculate the impacts of producing 10 KWh electricity without modifying the pre-defined inventory ? Because I do not know the data (amount of inputs) for producing this amount of output.

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yes you can of course change the amount - create a product system first, for this process, and then you can specify a different amount of the product, so e.g. also 10 kWh. If you then calculate the product system, results will refer to this amount.