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Hi everyone,

I am calculating the impacts of the following process in ecoinvent:

electricity production, photovoltaic, 3kWp slanted-roof installation, multi-Si, panel, mounted | electricity, low voltage | Consequential, U

In the results, I can see the following contributing process:

clinker production | clinker | Consequential, U - RoW

Which has (for example) contributed (with a negative result) in the global warming impact category.

Now, I want to know about the relationship of this process to my product system (PV electricity production).

How can I find its link? 

I have tried to find it in the model graph but I couldn't. 

It is important for me to know more about the contribution of this process.


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Hi, I am not certain I understand your question, you want to know where this process is connecting to? Or, the overall impact of this process to the results? It is quite common that a process is used many times in a product system, the overall factor with which this process contributes to the result is the scaling factor (aggregated over all occurences of this process).

Edit: Thank you for the clarification; this query
select name, ref_id from tbl_processes where id in (select f_process from tbl_process_links where f_provider = (select id from tbl_processes where ref_id = 'here_your_process_UUID') and F_PRODUCT_SYSTEM = (select id from tbl_product_systems where ref_id = 'here_your_product_system_UUID'))

creates a table with all the processes where your selected process is linked to, in a selected product system (replace "here_your..." with the UUID you want). You find the UUIDs in the first page of the editors, here e.g. for a process:

Execute the query in the SQL window in openLCA

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I want to know where this process is connecting to ?