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I face a problem while experimenting with the (P)EF-Database.

I created a process with two product flows as an input:

  • Electricity (4f19a2f3-7b3b-11dd-ad8b-0800200c9a66)
  • Tap water_technology mix_at user_EU-28+3_S (fcb0a554-83f8-44e4-9021-6ffd7124cb66)

For both, I defined a default provider.

I then create a product system and link the default providers. I do not specify a cut-off.

However, "Electricity" won't be linked to my product system:

This is strange because I can select a provider via right-click "search providers for".

Any hint on why this behaviour occurs would be much appreciated! :)

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Hi, I tested the exact same example, with the EF 2.0 database we have in Nexus, and openLCA 1.10.3, and cannot reproduce what you report. Rather:

I create the process, with the two providers

..then create a product system which only links default providers

..and the product system is then linked, as expected, to the two provider processes:

Anything else would also be somehow strange (and not linked to the EF database specifically). So I cannot tell what has happened in your case? Was anything different (other database, openLCA version - although this shouldn't make a difference, maybe you didn't save the process before making the product system, ...)?

Thank you, Andreas

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Hello Andreas,
Thank you for your support. This is indeed strange. I did save the process before creating the product system. My openLCA version is 1.10.2; The EF database has been downloaded pretty recently ... maybe last week. This is not a behaviour I've experienced before. Indeed strange. I'll let you know if I figure out by chance what's causing this behaviour.
Thanks again!