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I'm Rini. I am doing a thesis on "EPDs/PCRs for asphalt materials". I have to use OpenLCA for the LCA analysis of "Asphalt Cement". In the production of Asphalt, following key processes come in picture:

1. Extraction and Process of raw materials and energy (eg. aggregates, crude oil/petroleum, natural gas, and production of asphalt binder etc)

2. Transportation of the processed materials and energy 

3. Plant operations of Asphalt (mixing of the transported aggregates and asphalt binder to obtain asphalt cement/asphalt mixture)

How should I proceed with the software incorporating these processes? I learned that I will need to separate each process first and then link them together for the simplicity. Although, I do not know how I should do that as I have never put my hands on the software. 

Your help is appreciated.



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Hi Rini,

welcome - it sounds as if you are forced to use openLCA (which is not often a good start..) - maybe it is best to start with the youtube starter videos, and the handbook (openLCA - YouTube, https://www.openlca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/openLCA_1.10_User-Manual.pdf).

Best wishes,


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Could you manage Rini?, I have the same querying