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Yesterday, I ran the calculation and the speed was fast (about 20 seconds). But today, when I ran the calculation for the same production system, the speed is so slow (about 10 minutes). I have reopened the software and recalculated it. But it doesn't work. Please can anyone tell me how to deal with it?   My version is OpenLCA 1.10.3 with ecoinvent 3.7.1 and my system is Windows10.
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After an initial calculation, the results are cached and thus can be reproduced much faster; when you close openLCA, the cache is deleted, therefore the first calculation of a given system takes more time. 10 minutes is quite long though. Check that you do not see "you can make the calculation faster" in the welcome screen in openLCA (the organge ribbon); if you see it, click on "learn more" to download the fast numerical libraries. And allocate sufficient memory (> 8GB for ecoinvent APOS, e.g.).
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Many thanks for your response. I have downloaded the fast numerical libraries following your advice and updated my RAM from 8GB to 16 GB. Yes, it works as it only takes  1-2 minutes to finish one calculation.