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I'm currently facing a problem with OpenLCA.

Previous unit calculations used to take around 10 mins before.

Since a new campaing of modelling, the calculations took until 48 minutes. My compagny decided to move to another server (Open LCA is installed on a server, not locally). So now, I've a platinium Xeon with 12 physical cores, 64gb RAM, which seems to be enough ! I've all access for R/W.

Yesterday I've done 4 consecutive unit calculation (always from product system) where it took 6 mins per calculation, which was pretty good! And then, the fith calculation took 22 mins.

I retried today, after closing OpenLCA, all the 8 calculations (from Product system) took around 20-22 mins.

I don't really know what to do... why it is so long? The CPU goes at 99% use and RAM is around 30/35 GO and down to 16Go after a while in calculation.

I'm using Ecoinvent 3.9.1 with OpenLCA v1.11 and additionnal libraries installed.

Let me know please.

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Hi, the server is impressive, how much RAM is allocated to openLCA - already 6 minutes per system calculation is quite long. How many processes are in your product systems? You can change the allocated RAM in settings in openLCA. For openLCA 1.11, 10GB is recommende for ecoinvent unit process systems, more is better.
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Hi Andreas,

At the moment, my system products are around 26k processes and 282k linked processes.

I've dedicated 50Go in RAM as the server is fully dedicated to OpenLCA.

All my calculations are running unit and analysis, so the slowest and biggest combination in termes of calculation.