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I'm looking for a good basic explanation or tutorial on how to start a database.  I am feeling pretty comfortable setting up processes and calculating results but would like to get from my process flow diagram to starting.  For example how to search for an select appropriated datasets and loading datasets.  Then I think I need to load my impact assessment methods (again a bit of an overview on selecting appropriate methods) and it seems like then there are some tricks around compatability etc. that I need to get going on.
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Just confusion about the basic structure of things.  So if I want to do an LCA, I can import a database like Agribalyse if I think that it has many of the processes that I need  and add or create what I need or I can search for the individual processes that I need based upon my process map and import them into an empty database ?  Then I need to import and LCIA and then I can start building my system processes.  Correct?  I was looking for advice on what to start with as a base for typical US industrial processes with waste management.  Like USCLI processes.

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