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Hello everyone,

I am trying to combine three databases for a project (Agribalyse, World Food Database and Ecoinvent 3.6). I already have the three different databases separately.

I have done three successive imports into a new project. As a result, I have all the flows from the 3 databases but I only have the Agribalyse processes. (Agribalyse was the last database I imported). I have tried twice without success.

Has anyone had this problem before? How to solve it?

Thanks in advance
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Hi, interesting question and indeed not a bad idea, since the databases fit somehow together methodologically and are to some extent complementary.

The world food database is somehow only available as SimaPro file though (maybe project lead Quantis was paid to make it only available in SimaPro format, or the companies wanted to limit its application - in any case not too nice I think); it can be imported into openLCA though when exported from SimaPro, with some few tricks, I tried this some time ago.

For a smoother integration of the three databases, you should have at least two of them in JSON-LD format, then you can specify what happens with elements already existing in the target database.

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