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Thank you very much for the very interesting video  tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HaQc1qTa7E). I have an error when I try to run the example at the step "Finding corresponding flows and/or creating new flows":

Exception                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-4-0a9590e5b69d> in <module>
     41         flows.append(cache)
     42     else:
---> 43         cache = client.get(olca.Flow, row['UUID dataset'])
     44         flows.append(cache)
     45 print('\033[1m' + 'list of imported flows:')

~\.julia\conda\3\envs\openlca\lib\site-packages\olca\ipc.py in get(self, model_type, model_id)
    326     def get(self, model_type: Type[T], model_id: str) -> T:
    327         params = {'@type': model_type.__name__, '@id': model_id}
--> 328         result = self.__post('get/model', params)
    329         return model_type.from_json(result)

~\.julia\conda\3\envs\openlca\lib\site-packages\olca\ipc.py in __post(self, method, params)
    740         if err is not None:
    741             msg = '%i: %s' % (err.get('code'), err.get('message'))
--> 742             raise Exception(msg)
    743         result = resp.get('result')
    744         if result is None:

Exception: 404: Not found

Is this error due to the fact that I do not own EcoInvent for now? Is an adaptation to ELCD possible?

Thank you very much.



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The webinar was using ecoinvent, so if you do not have access to ecoinvent, then you cannot run the code 1:1, as openLCA won't be able to find all the referenced database items (such as flows etc.)

Of course you can adapt the webinar content to the ELCD database - for this you need to build your own excel input file. btw: here is an example using the ELCD database: https://github.com/ju1ianr/olca-ipc-API-tutorials/blob/main/%23Example-parametrized-process.ipynb