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After installing LCA CS, I'm having troubles to do the first commit.

I successfully configured the database in OpenLCA but I get an error when I try to do a commit. It failed when the progress bar is finished.

I tried with two different databases, repositories and groups on my PC and my laptop but I get the same error.

LCA CS is running in an LXC container based on Ubuntu 16.04 and installed following the installation guide (https://www.openlca.org/collaboration-server-installation-guide).

316140mainERRORorg.openlca.app.navigation.actions.cloud.CommitActionError during commit action
java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: Server error, please contact your admin 
     at org.openlca.app.navigation.actions.cloud.CommitAction$Runner.lambda$3(CommitAction.java:154) 
     at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ModalContextThread.run(ModalContext.java:122) 
    Caused by: org.openlca.cloud.util.WebRequests$WebRequestException: Server error, please contact your admin 
     at org.openlca.cloud.util.WebRequests.call(WebRequests.java:46) 
     at org.openlca.cloud.api.CommitInvocation.execute(CommitInvocation.java:71) 
     at org.openlca.cloud.api.RepositoryClient.lambda$commit$2(RepositoryClient.java:118) 
     at org.openlca.cloud.api.RepositoryClient.executeLoggedIn(RepositoryClient.java:380) 
     at org.openlca.cloud.api.RepositoryClient.commit(RepositoryClient.java:110) 
     at org.openlca.app.navigation.actions.cloud.CommitAction$Runner.lambda$3(CommitAction.java:146) 
     ... 1 more
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Hello, I guess I am late, but we've been experiencing a similar problem - "Server error, please contact your admin" popup in the client and inability to commit.
You can find more useful info about what is happening in log of tomcat on the server, probably located in:

For us the problem was exception "GC overhead limit exceeded" and we resolved it by augmenting the memory allocated to JVMs in the configuration files mentioned in installation steps that can be found in:

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Which version of openLCA are you using - for the latest version of the Collaboration Server, you should use openLCA 1.11 beta (latest builds, in the openLCA download page) - thank you.
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I tried again with a new group and a new repo in openLCA 1.11 beta and got the same error.
The testing procedure is the same each time : I create a new database in OpenLCA, configure it with a new repo and commit it. I got the error on my two computers running Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.