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Dear all,

I am typically new to LCA and have tried to learn by myself.

I am planning to assess the environmental effects of End of life products. Someone, please, provide me with a general pathway to start. I am really stuck for months to establish a product before it's disassembling.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from someone at least.
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ok, I try:

1) what's the benefit you want to assess (a) disposal/"getting rid" of the products? Or  (b) recycling?

2) for (a), create a waste treatment process to model the treatment of the waste products; you can also have a sequence of waste treatments (1st waste treatment has waste as output which then is treated in another, 2nd waste treatment process), etc..

Basically, it is just reverse production, with flow type waste flow.

Hope this helps, Andreas
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Thank you so much for your answer. I am trying to assess the environmental impacts on the recycling of a product. I can not find a way to establish the product and proceed. I will try to start with waste treatment process.