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We are (happily) working with Open LCA using the EF 2.0 database and the EF Midpoint method for some time now.

Now we are considering to purchase the Ecoinvent database via Nexus to complete available data for our simulations in combination with EF 2.0.

Before doing so, I would like to make sure that we can use both Ecoinvent and EF 2.0 in combination under the same database in Open LCA. Are both databases compatible, i.e. is it the same nomenclature for elementary flows in both databases ?

Thanks ahead for your answer,

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Dear Andreas,

Have you seen my question ?
I'm not sure if I'm phrasing it correctly : I would like to know if the nomenclature of elementary flows in EF 2.0 and Ecoinvent (latest version on Nexus) correspond ?
I guess this is not the case and I've read in other post that GD may be able to provide a mapping script.
Is that correct ?

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Hi, sorry for a bit a late reply, both nomenclatures are very different, flow names and also compartments, EF is on purpose like a silo, not meant to be used with other databases. A mapping is possible to some extent, the inventory modeling (system boundaries, previous / next life cycle) are not fitting, you cannot change EF as these are all aggregated system processes, so even with mapped flows you can either leave two not-fitting inventory models in one LCA or you can try to adjust ecoinvent to EF since you cannot modify the system process modeling. We can also support this if you like but it is not too easy (as you may guess already). Just let me know.

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- addition: same of course for the upcoming EF 3
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Hi Andreas,
Thanks for your feedback. We'll stick to EF 2.0 / 3.0 on its own for now then.
Do you have any idea when EF 3.0 will be available in Open LCA compatible format ?
Thanks again,