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Dear openLCA team,

I’m modelling a processes of waste treatment in openLCA, using the EF database. Not all flows that appear in our process are available in the EF database (primarily about recycling processes and flows).
That’s why I aim to combinate this database with another one. I checked the other free databases from openLCA Nexus, but they neither contain all our missing data.
Is there a possibility to access to a few data from, for example, ecoinvent, without necessarily buying a whole commercial licence?  

Thank you for your answer!

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Yes, that is an often asked question, ecoinvent's idea is to always provide everything as it is connected. EF and ecoinvent of course do not fit directly together as the flows are very different and you will need to map the flows from one to the other or combine LCIA methods, and also the inventory modeling is different, so even if single ecoinvent datasets were available the combination would not be clean and consistent. EF is like a silo, unfortunately, but the motivation from the commission is that this anyhow contains everything you need. Which, as you also see, is not the case nowadays.
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Thank you for your clear answer!