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This is less a question and more a matter of feedback. As noted in the openLCA download page, the Mac version can run into a problem with the error "Application is damaged".

First, I found that this error seems to occur only on M1 Macs and not Intel Macs.

To resolve the problem, GreenDelta provides a link to their GitHub page with steps to fix the problem. 

I did finally get the software to work, but I would suggest the following tips:

If you are like me, when you expand the tar.gz file, you immediately move it from the Downloads folder to the Applications folder. Do NOT do this!!!

Once the openLCA app is in the applications folder, it becomes VERY difficult to access via the terminal. That's because the Applications folder is stored at the root directory level of your hard drive. And Apple makes it very hard to set up permission to access the root directory. (I tried following Apple's directions for gaining permission, and gave up).

Instead, create a folder WITHIN your User directory on your Mac and place the zipped file in that folder. So, I created a folder in the following directory:

Macintosh HD/Users/[name of your user Home directory]/[folder name]

Then once you have done that, expand the zipped file.

Launch your Terminal app and follow the directions per the Github site.

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I thought I would add a little more information on the Github instructions for fixing the error that occurs on new Macs.

When I launch Terminal, it places me at the top level of my Home directory. To orient yourself, you might want to enter the ls (list) command at the prompt. Look to see if the folder you created to store your expanded openLCA app shows up in your list.

If you see your folder, then type 

cd [folder name]

In my case I typed "cd openLCA" because that was the name of the folder I stored the app in.

If you do another list command (ls) you should see the openLCA app.

Now you can type in the command as shown in Github

sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine openLCA.app

That should do it!