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I have some difficulties with the following problem:
When I am selecting the Cumulative Energy Demand method (CED) I get no results. Why is that?

I am using OpenLCA 1.10 and downloaded the openLCA LCIA methods 2_1_3. I downloaded some Databases like agribalyse_v301_27052021, ef_secondarydata_201908, elcd_3_2_greendelta_v2_18 and with non of them I get an result for the CED method (the result is 0).

I checked the the inputflows of some processes and found flows like "brown coal" which have an Energy value (MJ). I also checked the Impact factors from the CED methods and found flows "coal brown 10 MJ per kg" so the name is slightly different. Which might cause the problem. But surely it should be somehow possible to get some results since energy values for processes are defined.

On this article from 2015: https://www.openlca.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/LCA-METHODS-v.1.5.2.pdf   I found on page 9 an answer where it says I need an extension in order to use the CED method. Is this information still up to date? and when yes where do I get this extension? I hope someone can help me with my problems Thanks in advance!



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I just tried with agribalyse and the "cumulative energy demand" method in the 2.1.3 method pack ("CED" does not exist in the method pack) and it provides results that are not 0:

So not sure what you did?

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Sorry I meant Cumulative Energy Demand. I abbreviated it with CED. Ok I found my mistake: I had both the 2_1_1 and the 2_1_3 method in my database. If I am only using the 2_1_3 method I get results!
Thanks for the fast reply!