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I don't understand the previous answer to this question (https://ask.openlca.org/3115/why-arent-my-process-inputs-linking-to-a-product-system): Thank you for the picture - it shows that your process has neither products nor waste flows on the input side, and only these are able to establish links to other supply chain processes.

I have followed all of the steps in the Youtube tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI_Pe3ZEzrY and gone through the steps. For some reason after creating the product system, the model graph does not show the inputs.

It won't allow me to add screenshots here so I've put them on a page here: https://www.notion.so/mammothclimate/OpenLCA-screenshots-9fc82535b8164583b6ee9985bf408330

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It won't let me upload the pictures for some reason! Please could you attend to the link?

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In the screenshot, the latest changes of the process and product system are not saved yet. You may have to save the process first and then reload the product system to see the inputs. In general, when you modify something in one tab you have to save it and then reload the other tab to see the changes there.