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Dear all,
I have some detailed question about the Model Graph Tab in the Product Systems:

1.) Via "open in editor" after right click on any Process I can jump to the selected Process. What happend with changes to the input/output table of the selected Process? Are changes to a Process only valid for the Product System from which I jumped into the Process or are changes made globally with influence on all Product Systems in which the altered Process is used?

2.) I like to compare two very similar substances made be slightly different chemical reactions. I intend to first create the Production System for one of the two substances and test ist. After all bugs in the model are fixed, I like to copy the Product System of substance 1. After copy I just want to delete two Processes in the model graph of substance 1, copy and paste different two processes into the model graph and then do the links manually to get the Product System for substance 2. Ist this procedure for graphical modelling fine?

3.) What happend, if I have to add a Process downstream of the Process from which I have created my Product System? Is this also allowed to be done in the Model Graph with just dropping the additional Process into the model Graph, do the couple of connections downstream manually to get the new last process or do I have to create a new Product System starting from the new last Process?
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Hi, really good questions ->

1, indeed, the product system references the processes, and these exist in the database. When you edit the process, opening it via the product system or otherwise, you cannot change some aspects (removing products that are used in the product system will not work e.g.). This is different from GaBi, where, in a plan, you have a redundant copy of a process, and can modify it as you want (more or less). You will see changes of the process in the product system once you reload it.

2 yes that seems fine

3 downstream processes are ignored. I made three simple pictures to illustrate what you could do:

this is your current model, P2 and P1 are processes.

Now, you have a model like this:

If you do not want to have P0 be delivering the final product, e.g. because it is a waste treatment process, you can convert your product graph like this:

So, you create a new process that gets input from both P0 and P1, which often fits if P0 is waste treatment.

I hope this helps, best wishes,