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Dear all,

in a case study the specific problem is to display the electric energy needed for each foreground process of the product system, e.g. the electric energy which is consumed in a process as well as it by-educts. I tried to implement electricity as a product flow in a LCIA method, however there are no results in this impact category when calculating the product system. For elementary flows the LCIA is working.

Thanks for any advice


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The product flows are not showing in the result since they are not appearing in the inventory (I assume, right?) -> either add a new linked elementary flow (that has the same amount as the electricity, in the same process), or remove the supply chain of the electricity.

Hth, Andreas
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Dear Andreas,

thanks for your quick reply. Adding a elementary flow for electricity worked well for the foreground processes. However, if there is another solution which would work for all ecoinvent and upstream processes in the future, this would be great.