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Dear All,

I use Ecoinvent 3.8 (cut-off) in OpenLCA and recognized on flow level something, I don't understand:

There is a flow "Sulfur dioxide, RU" defined in Ecoinvent 3.8. This flow is only assigned to a very limited number of impcat assessment methods as shown on its "impact Factors" tab. For comparision the flow "Sulfur dioxide" is registered with many more impact assessment methods.

If I now do an analysis from the impact analysis tab of "platinum group metal mine operation, ore with high palladium content | nickel, class 1 | Cutoff, U" inside Ecoinvent 3.8, I get depending in the methode selected big deviations:

EF 3.0 (adapted) finds 0.27 mol H+ eq for acidification and ReCiPe 2016 Midpoint comes to 0 for ter. acidification.

On top of this, there seems to be different impact factors defined for "Sulfur dioxide" and "Sulfur Dioxide, RU" flows (e.g. 1.31 mol H+ eq/kg vs. 0.037 mol H+ eq/kg for calculation with EF 3.0).

Is there any rational behind that data? For me it's a surprise, but I am still learning.
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