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According to the manual, there can be teams and groups.

If I understand well, a team is  defined as a part of the group that can access to one specific repository with specific status (reader, contributor, reviewer, editor, owner...).

Do I understand well ? How to do that ?
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A team is an aggregation of users. Teams can be assigned e.g. to groups of people to gain access to a specific or several repositories.
Individual users can be combined to a team. Teams can also be added to groups.  Teams for users are the equivalent of groups for repositories and allow to combine users. A team can also be added to a repository or be addressed in the messenger. Teams can be created by accessing the admin area via clicking on the wrench in the top-right corner of the LCA Collaboration Server dashboard. Please note that only admins can create teams.

If you use the LCA Collaboration Server, not that not every user role has the right to create teams.


A group hosts one repository or several repositories. Users and teams can be added to a group to gain access to the repositories that are assigned to the respective group.


A repository it the equivalent to a database in openLCA and consists of grouped data sets (projects, product systems, processes, flows, indicators and parameters and background data). Basically, a repository mirrors the local databases of the working group’s users.

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Yes indeed, Teams are to bundle users, so you can assign roles to the team instead of each user separately (teams can be members of a group or a repository).

On the test instance we provided, you do not have sufficient administrative rights to manage teams, but I checked and a team IFSTTAR was created for you, containing 4 members including you.