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We are creating an addon for Capella to attach LCA data and export them to OpenLCA using the ILCD zip format. When importing several times the same model, processes are not updated in OpenLCA.

- we are using the same version of the component for each exports

- we use the current time to set ProcessDataSetType.administrativeInformation.dateOfLastRevision and ProcessDataSetType.administrativeInformation.dataEntryBy.timeStamp

I saw this post for JSON-LD and was wondering what criteria was used when importing from ILCD zip file ?

And thank you for the great work you are doing with OpenLCA.

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This update option is only available for JSON-LD imports. I would recommend switching to the JSON-LD format anyhow. We have recently published a motivation why this is the better format for openLCA: http://greendelta.github.io/olca-schema/.

Best wishes, thank you for your nice words!

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Thank you for the fast answer and the pointer, we will have a look at the JSON-LD format.