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I would like to secure the recording of my work on OpenLCA (I am working on a ship LCA, and the list of items is very, very long). I assume that when I record my work at the end of each day, the file is recorded on my computer only, but how to save it on the server of my company? Does OpenLCA save on-line?

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A. Carré, Mauric, Nantes, France
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openLCA is a desktop application and does not save anything online. The Collaboration Server for openLCA is a web application and stores everything you put there online, on the server you specify, but of course you need to set it up and use it then from the openLCA application.

For making a backup, easiest is to backup the database you are working on, from within openLCA, and restore it if needed.

This creates a zolca file that you can put to the company server to be included in backups. It contains the entire database, so saving it each day will create quite some volumer over time, and in this case the Collaboration Server is probably worth a thought, or you think of a backup plan where you delete most older versions again.