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I am unable to export to excel file. Worked once and now does not work anymore. 

I am not sure what is meant by java can not find the path specified. I am trying to export to my desktop.

Any help would be appreciated! 

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The excel export for large systems had issues if the max columns of excel were exceeded, this has been fixed in openLCA 2. Not sure about this - did you select a path destination? Is there sufficient space?

You are using 1.11 openLCA? Thank you.
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I don't believe the max columns of excel were exceeded as I have a small amount of data + it should say it in the log file like it did for the others.
When exporting the file I select my desktop (which is a path destination I believe) so I don't really get it. I have also liberated space on my computer to make sure it wasn't the cause. So yeah, I have no idea what's going on!