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As the title says while doing an LCA that is meant to be used for an EPD - the exported excel file only has the value: Output flows - Exported energy.

For the tables in the LCA i need both exported electrical energy and exported thermal energy - but i cannot seem to find other than the first one mentioned.
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Hello kikiee,

I have the same issue when using the EN15804-A2 impact assessment method.

However, after running many many analysis of processes in EcoInvent using this method, i have never gotten any results on the EE impact category.

I have personally dealt with this, by making 00's in all cells related to EE, unless there was a clear export of energy in those life cycle stages (sale of energy from solar cells, residual heat from production transfered to district heating, etc.).

This method has gotten third party verified in the EPDs i have made, even though it may not be scientifically rigorous.

I hope this helps,