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I just downloaded OpenLCA 2.0. First off, i want to say that it looks amazing, and it has a lot of capabilities i am really looking forward to using. Very good job to the OpenLCA team.

Since i am not familiar with the program, i wanted to know if there was a way to export the results from an EPD directly to excel, like you can export the results of an analysis of a product system? Or is it only possible to export it to EC3?

I am very impressed by the new version, keep up the good work.
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Hello Matias, 
Thank you for your words. So, you can export the results of an EPD if you click on the excel icon that appears when you run the results of a given product system. You can also create a project, report and then export it but it comes out as html file. 
I recommend you also check out the manual where it has more information: Save and export results - openLCA 2 manual (greendelta.github.io)

Hope this helps!